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meet the maker


Hi, I'm Rook!

So nice to meet you! Aside from running and owning The Rookery Candles, I am a mother to two sweet little boys and a wife to the world's best husband. They are the reason I breathe and the reason I created this company.

I've always found myself wanting more from life than to clock in at a job that will never satisfy my creative itch. After the birth of my firstborn, it quickly became apparent that I needed to do something different in this life. One evening, I was feeding my then 6 month old pureed pears out of a baby food jar and I thought to myself, "This glass is too beautiful to toss... what can I do with it?" Days later it dawned on me. I could make candles! Not just any candles, but candles that I can quite literally pour my heart into. I never intended to sell but it was the support from my friends and family that inspired me to create The Rookery Candles. After that, the rest is history!

I would not be here today without each and every one of you, so thank you for making The Rookery Candles possible!

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